Welcome to my Editorial Cartoon Blog

The intent of my editorial cartoon blog was to bring awareness i.e. getting citizens more engaged in local city politics.  Of course not everyone will agree with my POV in just how convoluting, disconnected and polarized our city politics has sorely succumbed under our mayor’s “4 to 3” Team Slate and by our other remaining city Councillor’s horse trading practices.  City Hall is no longer “the voice of the people, rather the compliant bought and paid voice of our mayor’s donor pals.”

And now it has just elected a mirror image of what has brought down this city over the last 4 years when it comes to densification, unaffordability, displacing low income renters while its residents are helplessly left choking in commuter gridlock!  A city willing to convolute and sell its soul to vulturous developers – “staying the course!”

NOTE: All editorial cartoons, illustrations, poems and video adaptations are the copyright property of Stache Editorial Cartoons 2018.

Welcome to North Van City: where reality is not always what is deemed.
Bruce “Stache” Sinski

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