Mussatto’s CityShaping Now Under New Management For At Least The Next Four Years.

The residents of CNV have spoken… WANTING EVEN MORE EN MASSE DENSITY, TRAFFIC CONGESTION, UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING and DEVELOPER COLLUSION that will only further grease its farcical OCP…  Tolling Linda Buchanan’s as its next night-mayor.  Someone who as her 2014/2018 City Council record pledgedly pro ports: will CONTINUE IGNORING RESIDENT’S CONCERNS and PETITIONS and BOWING DOWN to the DEMANDS of her VULTUROUS DEVELOPERS –  Congratulations!  #SellOutBuchanan  #cnvSOL

Lest we forget: November’s top most viewed…

OMG… it’s only six days until Christmas and 10 months and 1 day away from hopefully turning our backs on any Mayoral Team Slate controlling City Council come October 20, 2018.  Hopefully partisan politics and developer’s buying city halls for cheap from city mayors and councillors will be a thing of the past and we can begin deprioritizing and even eliminating bike lanes; having elected a city council who actually do live and genuinely want to begin resolving our city’s inner traffic woes and parkade our parking shortages.

November’s top five #2 may look a little suspect but it probably received the number of views it did in part due to the Global Canadian featuring a story on who and why I am running for city council in 2018.  But the top dog er rat was November’s 24th blog that exposed the grotesque salary imparity between our smaller in size and in population city compared to the 40% larger District of North Van.  And thanks again to BJ May’s de facto sleuthing.

Three of my key election platform’s is ALL mayoral, city council and city hall director/managerial positions can only be held for a maximum of two consecutive 4 year terms/contracts – no exceptions and of course repeal and replace our city’s farcical pro developer OCP and temporary freeze highrise development!  #Enough

There’s a New Fraternity er Civic Party in Town While Our City Councillors Financially Pillage Our City into 2027!

Tonight members of Council will each rank the identified projects in the 2018-2027 Draft Preliminary Project Plan and return the results to the Finance Department by November 6, 2017… Really, and where in the hell did the city find these soothsayers and why 10 years!

From my POV it is irresponsible to ALLOW this city council to DICTATE the financial priorities/projects upon our city when most of them will probably become null and void after our 2018 elections!  Future priorities however preliminary should be part and parcel “conducive to the changing unforeseeable conditions in any given year.” And I also can’t help but wonder if our city’s future project initiatives list will offer an affordable housing “land trust building” i.e. constructing affordable housing rentals like Vancouver’s mayor Robertson has just successfully opened in his city – getting in front of affordable housing.

Perhaps the good news is after next year’s election the new “independent” city council might be in a position to selectively repeal and replace these bucket lists… Much like our farcical OCP.  There is absolutely nothing ‘official’ or ‘binding’ within our Official Community Plan.  It has no backbone, no teeth, no resiliency;  it should be heralded in what it is has succumbed to be: a Non Binding City Plan – heresy!  #NBCP

Tonight city council will like they have done at EVERY CITY COUNCIL MEETING SINCE THE 2014 ELECTIONS. i.e. Mussatto and his colluding team slate councillors will “payback”, “elevating” developer projects beyond our city’s capacity.  Thereby continuing to make a mockery out of our OCP; aided and abetted by Mussatto’s $86K bonused CAO and his adjunct city planners, but only for 362 more days… and in other news.