Tonight’s Harry Jerome Lands Public Hearing: In one corner we have Mussatto’s Team Slate double dippin’ donor Darwin Construction tagging up with CNV Community Density Councillors and in the other corner uh, unified Upper Lonsdale residents – GLWT

Tonight is all about proposing once again changes to our toothless OCP bylaws and of course “amending  zoning bylaws” to accommodate the inane density madness proposed for the HJ Neighbourhood Lands.

The amount of density pollution, traffic & parking chaos this community will have to endure for at least eight long years should be criminal at best.  But try telling that to Mussatto’s Team backers “indebted” to their 2014 campaign investor Darwin Construction… or try telling that to city councillors who want to devastate a community in the name of Olympic swimmers and curlers MOST whom do not live in our city!  #UpperLonsdaleSOL

Should we not expect as in like always, Harry Jerome resident voices to be heard then overruled by the end of tonight’s Public Hearing.

If there was ever a double dealing reason, need to bring down our city council on October 20th – this is it…  Unless common sense prevails and a majority of Councillors decide to put these ‘can’t have one without the other’ projects on a back burner to be served up later by the yet to be elected new city council.  #Vote4ChangeOct20

Unfortunately there’s too much horse trading willingness on both sides not to expect a fatal devastating blow to the HJ community… If there was ever a time to believe in 5 act play. 

A contentious night it will surely be… giddy up!

Tonight’s city council fight card is density jam-packed… and as always Mussatto’s Team Slate Hijackers will be the victors winning by at least a “4 to 3” decision over city NIMBY’s thus maintaining their Undefeated Record!

First up on tonight’s fight card is City Council’s third and final bylaws reading at 2601 Lonsdale by Pezzente Holdings a Mussatto campaign donor and will likely IGNORE most of last Monday night’s public hearing neighbourhood concerns over lane infringement, shrinking setbacks, street closing, taking away a neighbourhood park.  But will reduce the height of the building to OCP guidelines and maybe turn it into an all rental building that certainly our low income families will never be able to afford.  When it is completed late in 2020 who will want to live in this mortgage rate based rental building without ample parking#collusion

Then at 7 pm we have the first Public Hearing for 230-232 East 8th Street (Cascadia Green Dev.) Rezoning Application from March 7th moved by “Councillor Keating and of course seconded by Councillor Buchanan.”… to permit the development of a six 3-storey townhouse units including 4 accessory lock-off units – imagine that.  #maximumOCPpollution

Then after a short recess the 2nd Public Hearing will address the multi-rise development at 151 East Keith in Victoria Park.  Proposing to permit the development of 3 infill residential buildings, consisting of 40 residential rental units, in addition to the “existing tower” and decreasing setbacks from 25 ft. to an UNPRECEDENTED 5 ft.!  And further requesting/reducing parking from 0.75. down to 0.70!…  Where I’m thinking a community name change is in order, something more apropos like:  Manhattan Park-N-Lot  #DensityPollution

Warning: MASSatto Mania is about to get higher and denser!

Our Grinch-like mayor and his 3 lackey team city councillors since being re-elected in late 2014 have repeatedly pillaged our city’s sense of a community for all, now unable and no longer welcoming low and fixed income residents and part-timers looking for cheap rent wanting to work in our retail and restaurant establishments.  While more and more seniors and Millennial families are exiting our city – decisively opting for a “qualitative and affordable lifestyle elsewhere.”

I know I am sounding like a broken record but most of our inner city traffic congestion, density pollution, and parking shortages is due to 4 vainglorious self-serving city officials: mayor Mussatto and his team councillors: wannabe night-mayor Buchanan, Holly and Keating all whom have continually voted and bonused EVERY NEW HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT SUFFICIENT PARKING.  And all the while backed by their $86K bonused CAO and accommodating OCP density fornicating management teams.

And NOT ONCE did any of  these hare-brains prior or after voting “4 to 3” for EVERY NEW DEVELOPMENT display any genuine concern – rather seemingly to care less about the HUNDREDS of longtime residents they were about to DISPLACE.  Never once offering to CONSTRUCT in 2015/16 any short term alternative/temporary low cost housing relief!  (not our city’s problem huh councillor Keating)

If your (family) income is less than $60/70K you need not apply.  We have become a city only the MASSatto wealthy can only truly appreciate.